Thursday, 17 October 2013


jacket - h&m, jumper - primark, skirt - topshop, boots - h&m, moon chocker - ebay

Autumn is definitely in the air as its suddenly so cold lately, this teddy bear style fluffy jumper from primark is saving my life and was a total steal at £10! This is what I wore to uni yesterday for lectures, more 'the end is near' frightening talks eek!
Also I'm currently trying to grow out a full fringe so a high pony is my best friend as I can just clip it all back everyday!

Monday, 7 October 2013


scarf - charity shop, top and jeans - topshop, belt - miss selfridge, trainers - nike blazers

Woah woah uploading an outfit for the first time in forever. Please excuse my mess of a hair this was literally before I went to the hairdressers today for a nice refresh and blow-dry! These acid wash mom jeans were a recent purchase that I'm ridiculously happy with they are so comfy and versatile. 
Final year of uni has started so for now and the foreseeable future I'm living in dissertation hell!