Thursday, 23 February 2012


So I told myself this year that I knew I wasn't going to Fashion Week, This semester I'm in uni every single day and also have my job two days a week. But then Monday night I thought sod it I really want to go even if its just for a walk around and a celeb spot. So on the final day of womens wear, me and some friends headed to Somerset House. Silly me forgot my camera! So these pictures are from the iphone!
Myself and my friend Lucy
Chatting to lovely lady from a online tv show
Myself and Diana Vickers. She was front row and at the end and approached her for a picture, she was completly lovely and not how I expected at all! She was more than happy for a picture and told me she thought I looked fantastic and loved what I was wearing. I also met Frankie from The Saturdays and she was not as nice. She came of as stuck up and not really happy to be there, which was really disappointing to see.
Cause we arrived so late on the day there was only two shows left. We managed to make our way into Aminaka Wilmont! This was the first time I've ever seen a real catwalk show with my own eyes and not just through a computer screen. It was something special and just made me realise more and more this is the industry I need to work in! The clothes weren't exactly to my taste though, I was more enjoying the music the models were strutting their stuff to!

Floral Headpiece - Made by me, Blazer Shirt & Skirt - H&M, Bag - Newlook, Frilly Socks - Topshop, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Flowers in shoes - Headband I cut up and placed in my laces.
There was alot of photographers taking pictures of me through out the day so I obviously did something right haha! Although it was rather daunting to have lots of cameras in your face all time, especially when you're a no one special like me! haha

I did a lot of mingling and got quite a few peoples buisness cards. A few people asked me for my card to which I repsoned with a blank stare like huh? ha
I wouldn't really know what to put on a card 'Billie-Jo, Likes Fashion' haha!
I got interviewed a bit by Channel 4 as well just asking my questions about Fashion Week and London, I have no idea if they'll actually it as my awkward northern voice probably doesn't come across too well!

Here's a short video from the Bourjois Boutique day, you can spy me at 0.48 :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012


Bourjoir Pop-up boutique and The Del Rey bag.

On Saturday I headed to the Bourjois Pop-up boutique in Shoreditch, I only really went in the search of cheap make-up but it actually turned out to be so much more!

The top floor of Beach Blanket Babylon had been transformed for the pop up store!
As well as offering up to 60% off products there was free make overs and hair styling, nail art, live portraits and yummy macaroons!
They had makeup artists from LFW who you could chat too and offered advise on make up, one lady I chatted to was very lovely and gave me lots of tips on getting the perfect blusher/cheekbone look :)
They also had a photography stand and here is my picture.
I also got filmed a little bit for the website video about this event but I'm not sure if they will use any of it because I'm so awkward on camera haha
 I got on the 4 items for £14 deal while there (which is veryyyy good if you ask me) and treated myself to some new powder, blusher, nail varnish and mascara.
I absolutely love the nail colour and painted my nails as soon as I got home! This is the result, I think its a perfect shade for summer!

On to more pressing fashion news! Mulberry have launched The Del Rey bag in honour of Lana herself. Don't get me wrong the bag is beautiful (with a simple, chic, vintage classic design) and I adore Lana but I just find this all abit too soon.

Lana with the bag herself at the Mulberry show.

So while the music industry continues to be divided on Miss Del Rey,
the fashion industry still continues to embraces her.
More importantly what do you think about it? 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Bowler hat - Vintage, Shirt - Vintage (Shoreditch Market), Disco Pants - American Apparel, Jewelled Heels- Miss Selfridge

This was my Valentines day outfit yesterday, only two quick pictures because I was in a rush to head to my boyfriends. We decided to do something abit different and bought lots of ingredients in and cooked a 3 course meal and some cocktails it was really nice :)

I had been debating buying disco pants for a around a year but as I'm not really a trouser sort of girl and I just find £70 is far too much money than I would rather spend on one item I kept putting it off. But I kept seeing them on people around and always looked good so in the end I gave in, used the 15% discount you get when signing up for AA's emails and went for it.
I'm so glad I did! They are literally the comfiest trousers ever. I find them very flattering when they are on as they hug all the right places and make your bum look great haha! And the black pair go with everything, So anybody debating doing it.. DO IT!


Sunday, 12 February 2012


The past 2 weeks of my life through the eyes of my blackberry..

1. My dad sent me lots of little chocolates in the post with a card with money literally taped inside (bless him) as a well done for getting a First on my styling proj and 2:1's on my essay and cs exam.
2. Jazzin up the back of my BB with a label maker.
3. My dinner, I'm quite obviously still a child.
4. Lucy, myself and Gaby pulling beautiful faces.
5. Finallyyy reaching a free whole chicken on my Nando's card!
6. After year of debating finally giving in and purching AA disco pants.
7. Me having to be held up on a night out for a freinds birthday.
8. The snow outside of my bedroom window!
9. Myself at the Tate Modern.
10. Being a fatty on a Saturday night in and having a pizza, chips and chicken all to myself oh yes!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Through the week I went out for a friends birthday. Did a little something different with my hair as my full fringe was annoying me so went for a side sweep.
Wearing: Zip up top - H&M, Red Levi's - Vintage, Suspender tights - Newlook, Wedges - (Topshop) Ebay
The inevitable photobooth pictures before going out!

Friday myself and my housemate decided to head to the Tate for some inspiration and research.
Train reading material

Some of my favourite beautiful peices from The Tate Mordern.
I actually said 'wow' when I walked in and saw the upside downstairs.
Wardour Street News - Heaven in a shop
Extra chilly London,
Wearing: Biker Jacket - Topshop, Ramones Tee - Ebay, Tartan Scarf - Vintage,
Red Levi's - Vintage, Boots - Doc Martens

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! xx

Sunday, 5 February 2012


She was 16. She fell in-love with a cowboy. She had a palamino pony. They lived for adventure. He broke her heart. She went west. She broke the law.

 Yee haw, Cowboy! Wildfox have done it again. Their S/S 12 'Even Cowgirls Get The Blues' collection is an eccentric youthful mix of cowgirl fun. The collobration between the vintage inspired all American brand Wild Fox and the one and only Jeffrey Campbell has left me with pangs of excitement for summers slogan tee's and cowboy hats!
Will you be wearing Wildfox this summer?

Also last weekend while shopping (see last post) myself and my housemate Gaby got street styled in Shoreditch by The Nyanzi Report :)


Wednesday, 1 February 2012


On Sunday myself and my house mate Gaby decided to do some shopping so headed into central for a good look. First off I had to get photos done for my new staff card at work and new railcard (excuse the serial killer stare haha). Didn't really see much on Oxford Street apart from Primark so then headed to Shoreditch and Camden. 

Myself and Gaby

What I bought; Kiss Tee - Miss Selfridge, Red Levi Shorts - Blitz Vintage, Lace Shirt - Shoreditch Market, Glitter Brogues - Primark, Floral Shirt - Primark, Teal Brogues - Primark
The lace shirt has pleather collar and cuffs its too nice I just couldn't resist! And the floral shirt was only £12 from Primark such a steal!
Love the back of the Kiss tshirt too much
And finally shoes! I have been temped to buy these glitter brogues for months now and when I saw they finally went on sale for only £3 I just had to. The teal brogues were also on sale for just £6 so Primark was defiantly making me a happy girl that day.
Semester 2 has just began at uni and we are being given all new projects this week so fingers crossed for some good new briefs :)