Thursday, 1 December 2011


Current inspirations/loves

Crosses, Lace, Dark Lipstick, Glitter, Feline Eye Make-up and Stockings.
Always stockings.

Friday, 30 September 2011


Blazer, Blouse, Scarf, Levi Shorts - Vintage  Bag, Socks, Brogues - Primark

The first poses are bit weird but you get the idea! What I wore yesterday throughout a longgg day of lectures! We've been given yet more briefs which is starting to send me a bit mental.
The whole of UK in a heatwave atm I can't believe how hot it is! Today I did nothing but sit in the park and ice cream with my housemates :)
Tomorrow my boyfriends coming to stay so I'm going to clean the house and make us a nice little meal with candles and everything haha!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! x

Monday, 26 September 2011


Sorry for being such crap blogger lately its been 2 weeks of freshers at uni for me so I have been nursing my hangovers and trying to cure my freshers flu but thankfully I am now on the mend!

Anywayssss getting down to the good stuff (Fashion Week) usually I am not really into S/S shows as I'm not a fan of the bright coloured summer vibe in clothes, I'm more of a black, lace and velvet kinda girl haha.
One show I was really impressed with though was John Rocha! I love that he wasn't afraid to do something abit different and avant garde compiling looks made from black edgey fabrics usually left for A/W shows!

He also had Abby Lee walking for him which always equals a winner in my book!

 My proper lectures have started now and we've certainly been thrown in at the deep end, I have about 5 projects at one which is not making me feel good! So I'm throwing myself into research starting with good old Vivienne Westwood.

Boring outfit, boring day really. Dress is Primark and socks are Topshop.
Yes these are my real glasses, I'm like blind without them haha.
Promise to start doing good outfit posts from now on :)

Monday, 19 September 2011


So on Saturday myself and a friend went to Somerset House for Fashion Week!
(I apoligise in advane for the pics but I was so busy chatting to everyone and distracted from everything I hardly took any!)
Entrance to the exhibition

 Saw the beautiful blogger llymlrs!

 Abit of chaos as the celebs rolled in! I even got a smile from Lorraine Kelly haha!

 Ommm Jesse from Dirty Sexy Things was around, he looked abit lost to be honest and played on his phone for ages. I had a very nice long perv on him haha!
 Then he came and sat right next to me! Obviously I had to get the blackberry out and take a few sneaky pics. He looked up and smiled at me I almost fainted!

 Then the best part of the whole day was meeting Lenny the cutest pug in the world! He was with two women from stylist magazine who we got chattin to and stayed with the entire day! We got into private bar with them were lots of editors were around and important
people.  They were so lovely and gave me a personal email to ontat about a internship if I like (erm yes! haha)
 Steph's (Stylists online editor) schedual for the day!
Brix Smith Start also came over to chat to the stylist girls and spoke me andmy friend saying she loved my boots and she worried ause she hadn't shaved her legs haha
 Got snapped by Stylist Mag and featured on their website lfw street style! Also got snapped by quite alot of bloggers and even company magazine but I have to wait till they email me the pictures :)

 Blazer - H&M, Blouse - Topshop, Shorts - Vintage Levis, Boots - Jeffrey campbell

Its just a shame I didn't manage to get into an actual catwalk (no amount of blagging was making that happen!) So I will deffiantly be applying for a press pass next year or working backstage dressing the models.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


 Sorry for being such an bad blogger the past week I've just moved into  my new house and had my first two days at university so everything has been hectic!
Anywayyyyyy, on Thursday I went to Vogues Fashion Night Out whih was amazing! I spotted Pixie Geldof, Nicola Roberts and Rosie from Made in Chelsea, apparantly there was loads of celebs I'm just oviously blind ha. Mulberry and Jimmy Choo were my favourite they had really made an effort and if I could afford to shop there I certianly would be! Was a fun night of sipping free cocktails in expensive designer shops and networking with fellow bloggers :)

 Just as I was about to head in to Topshop Oxford Street Toni from snapped me for his street style blog:

Shirt-Vintage, Jaket-Topshop, Bag-Vintage, Belt-Primark, Shoes-Jeffrey Campbell

Also on  Bond Street a lovely man from Vogue took my piture and its featured on their website here:
:D which obviously I am very happy about just wish it was a nicer piture haha!

This week is gonna be about handing out cv's everywhere, enjoying freshers and hitting central london as much as I can!

Monday, 5 September 2011


Currently packing my life into suitcases and boxes for moving on Wednesday. It is turning me into a stresshead and I just cannot wait to have it over with now!
(Bad quality webcam pics because my good cameras are packed away with everything else ha)

On Thursday I'm heading to Fashions Night Out in London which I'm super excited for :) I went last year and it was amazinggg! Then Friday I'm catching up with all my fave southerners for a big night out!

Saturday, 3 September 2011