Thursday, 15 March 2012


McQ A/W 12
I'm late in posting in this and the longer I left it the more I felt like everybody already knew and wasn't worth it, but since I have watched the video every single day since (This is not a lie, I'm oobsessed!) I thought I'm just going to post it so everyone else can enjoy it again too!
So at this year London Fashion Week, McQ had its very first catwalk show. Alexander McQueen’s diffusion has been slowly making its mark on the fashion scene over the past couple of seasons but now as Sarah Burton has taken over as Creative Director (Since the very sad passing of Lee Alexander McQueen himself) McQ has made its way into the spotlight.

They only was I can describe this as a magical theatrical experience. The models donned a mix of military looks, with some sharply tailored coats, leathers, tartans and over-the-knee boots then clashed with velvet and tulle ballgowns and floral feminine patterns. Finishing the show was a white ‘wedding dress’ worn by Kristen McMenamy, She stopped mid-catwalk, where autumn leaves dropped from the ceiling she then crouched to the floor to reveal a long piece of rope. As she pulled the rope and walked back, the plain backdrop opened up a whole forest behind, with a small tree house where she creeped inside. After a few seconds of silence the tree house light up with array of rave lighting and music, the models strutted out of the forest down the catwalk to the beat of the music.
I urge everyone to watch this video of the ending of the show. Although it is crappy quality (even though its Grazia) its my favourite version of all the video's of it on youtube. It gives you the feeling like you're almost there experiencing it yourself and I never ever get sick of watching it.
McQ is definitely one to keep your fashion eyes on!


  1. Amazing, so beautiful! Classic McQueen theatrics... I hadn't watched the McQ show yet, so thank you for this post :) xx

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  3. We are totally obsessed!

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    ox from NYC!


  4. This show was breathtaking! xxx

  5. So beautiful, love all the velvet :DDDD

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