Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Bowler hat - Vintage, Stripe top - Primark, Dungarees - H&M, Socks - Topshop

Nothing too exciting happening today, although its not sunny here its really humid so still weirdly hot. I went to the dentist this morning for a check up which meant giving them £20 just to tell me my mouth is fine haha! I'm about to head to Salisbury's and do a food shop (The joys of being an adult!) then spend the rest of my day reading blogs and catching up on Pretty Little Liars and The Killing, two ridiculously addictive shows!

Its my last week at Miss Selfridge this week! Working Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday and then hello summer freedom! My northern best friends are coming down next week to celebrate my 20th birthday and then I'm heading home for some family time for the rest of the summer!


  1. you look so cute! gorgeous dungarees :) x

  2. love your style

  3. I have HAD to follow you. You're outfit is fab! love the hat, and the socks work really well! :) <3
    hope you can pop by soon xxx

    check out my blog shades of pepper here

  4. I love this outfit!! You look amazing, I wish over-the-knee socks looked this good on me. I've just started watching The Killing, it's so good :) xx

  5. I love these dungarees, you look great! xx