Monday, 5 September 2011


Currently packing my life into suitcases and boxes for moving on Wednesday. It is turning me into a stresshead and I just cannot wait to have it over with now!
(Bad quality webcam pics because my good cameras are packed away with everything else ha)

On Thursday I'm heading to Fashions Night Out in London which I'm super excited for :) I went last year and it was amazinggg! Then Friday I'm catching up with all my fave southerners for a big night out!


  1. Oh god I hate packing - I'm going on holiday next weekend, plus I need to move a load of stuff up to my uni house this weekend, PLUS my parents are moving house at the end of the month so I need to pack my entire life up - I think I'm going to explode! P.S. love your hair and blouse :)

  2. i like your blog & style ~ nice photos :)

  3. I like your blog, and your outfit.