Friday, 30 September 2011


Blazer, Blouse, Scarf, Levi Shorts - Vintage  Bag, Socks, Brogues - Primark

The first poses are bit weird but you get the idea! What I wore yesterday throughout a longgg day of lectures! We've been given yet more briefs which is starting to send me a bit mental.
The whole of UK in a heatwave atm I can't believe how hot it is! Today I did nothing but sit in the park and ice cream with my housemates :)
Tomorrow my boyfriends coming to stay so I'm going to clean the house and make us a nice little meal with candles and everything haha!
Hope everyone has a great weekend! x


  1. i really like the scarf on bag idea! i always tie mine onto my bag when i don't feel like wearing it anymore! x

  2. i love the shorts and blouse :) you look lovely xo

  3. That blouse is amazing, I love your style. Lovely blog, following xx