Monday, 26 September 2011


Sorry for being such crap blogger lately its been 2 weeks of freshers at uni for me so I have been nursing my hangovers and trying to cure my freshers flu but thankfully I am now on the mend!

Anywayssss getting down to the good stuff (Fashion Week) usually I am not really into S/S shows as I'm not a fan of the bright coloured summer vibe in clothes, I'm more of a black, lace and velvet kinda girl haha.
One show I was really impressed with though was John Rocha! I love that he wasn't afraid to do something abit different and avant garde compiling looks made from black edgey fabrics usually left for A/W shows!

He also had Abby Lee walking for him which always equals a winner in my book!

 My proper lectures have started now and we've certainly been thrown in at the deep end, I have about 5 projects at one which is not making me feel good! So I'm throwing myself into research starting with good old Vivienne Westwood.

Boring outfit, boring day really. Dress is Primark and socks are Topshop.
Yes these are my real glasses, I'm like blind without them haha.
Promise to start doing good outfit posts from now on :)

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