Saturday, 11 February 2012


Through the week I went out for a friends birthday. Did a little something different with my hair as my full fringe was annoying me so went for a side sweep.
Wearing: Zip up top - H&M, Red Levi's - Vintage, Suspender tights - Newlook, Wedges - (Topshop) Ebay
The inevitable photobooth pictures before going out!

Friday myself and my housemate decided to head to the Tate for some inspiration and research.
Train reading material

Some of my favourite beautiful peices from The Tate Mordern.
I actually said 'wow' when I walked in and saw the upside downstairs.
Wardour Street News - Heaven in a shop
Extra chilly London,
Wearing: Biker Jacket - Topshop, Ramones Tee - Ebay, Tartan Scarf - Vintage,
Red Levi's - Vintage, Boots - Doc Martens

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! xx


  1. i adore the last outfit! so so so chilly in london, i thought i was gonna freeze today! x

  2. cool shots.. loving the tights on the first photo!

  3. I love the Tate Modern and you seem to look so effortless amazing every time I come to your blog :) I know I told you before! Love your hair big time ;) xx