Thursday, 23 February 2012


So I told myself this year that I knew I wasn't going to Fashion Week, This semester I'm in uni every single day and also have my job two days a week. But then Monday night I thought sod it I really want to go even if its just for a walk around and a celeb spot. So on the final day of womens wear, me and some friends headed to Somerset House. Silly me forgot my camera! So these pictures are from the iphone!
Myself and my friend Lucy
Chatting to lovely lady from a online tv show
Myself and Diana Vickers. She was front row and at the end and approached her for a picture, she was completly lovely and not how I expected at all! She was more than happy for a picture and told me she thought I looked fantastic and loved what I was wearing. I also met Frankie from The Saturdays and she was not as nice. She came of as stuck up and not really happy to be there, which was really disappointing to see.
Cause we arrived so late on the day there was only two shows left. We managed to make our way into Aminaka Wilmont! This was the first time I've ever seen a real catwalk show with my own eyes and not just through a computer screen. It was something special and just made me realise more and more this is the industry I need to work in! The clothes weren't exactly to my taste though, I was more enjoying the music the models were strutting their stuff to!

Floral Headpiece - Made by me, Blazer Shirt & Skirt - H&M, Bag - Newlook, Frilly Socks - Topshop, Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell, Flowers in shoes - Headband I cut up and placed in my laces.
There was alot of photographers taking pictures of me through out the day so I obviously did something right haha! Although it was rather daunting to have lots of cameras in your face all time, especially when you're a no one special like me! haha

I did a lot of mingling and got quite a few peoples buisness cards. A few people asked me for my card to which I repsoned with a blank stare like huh? ha
I wouldn't really know what to put on a card 'Billie-Jo, Likes Fashion' haha!
I got interviewed a bit by Channel 4 as well just asking my questions about Fashion Week and London, I have no idea if they'll actually it as my awkward northern voice probably doesn't come across too well!

Here's a short video from the Bourjois Boutique day, you can spy me at 0.48 :)


  1. i'm not surprised everyone was taking pictures and asking for your card! you're probably dressed better than some of the models there! haha xxx

  2. some amazing images! love the statement blazer, looks great on you!

  3. You look absolutely amazing, love the whole outfit! :) xx

  4. Err.. You got papped cos you look amazing !! Great outfit and a beaut of a blog !